Givaudan has up to date collection of Fragrances on trends in the consumer markets. Karya Aroma is proud to be an authorized distributor of Givaudan Fragrances for Indonesia. Our Fragrances can be applied in many product range such as fine perfumery products & consumer product.

For Application in Fine Perfumery Products, such as:

  • Splash
  • Perfume Sprays
  • Deodorant Sprays
  • After Shaves
  • Body Mist
  • Etc

For Application in Personal Care Products, such as :

  • Haircare Products : Shampoos, Conditioners,
    Treatment Products, Cold Waves, Hairsprays
  • Cosmetics : Cremes, Lotions, Decorative Cosmetics,
    Talcum Powder, Facial Cleansers
  • Body Wash : Toilet Soap, Medicated Soap, Liquid Handsoap
  • Etc

For Application in Household and Industrial Products, such as:

  • Detergents
  • Fabric Softeners
  • Cleaners
  • Air Fresheners
  • Insecticides
  • Etc

For Application in Oral Care Products, such as:

  • Tooth Paste
  • Mouth Wash
  • Etc

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